You are the legal guardians of your information security!

It's the CISO's role to create the strategy, implement the policies, develop the security architecture, address comliance and governace requirements and implement the processes and the systems that help reduce cyber threats and keep data secure.

The role of the Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO - WHAT?

If you want to employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in your business it will cost on average $200K PA plus super, benefits and sundries.   You then have the additional requirements, depending on your business, that can add significant cost.

Most SMEs under 75 staff cannot justify those additional costs.Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISO

6 of the top line business requirements delivered by an employed CISO are:

  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Develop security programs unique to the business.
  • Identify, manage, control, and report cyber events.
  • Manage and train the staff in security requirements.
  • Create, monitor, and implement preventative measures.
  • Talk to everyone to get the security message out.

You can however get this done by what is called a Virtual CISO.

For a monthly fee, your business can have all of the benefits and vision of a CISO without the outlay associated with them being on staff.

In most cases, a virtual CISO also comes with additional expertise and staffing to implement the required systems and changes.

This is a cost-effective solution to an increasingly volatile business requirement.

The virtual CISO can increase revenue, resilience, adaptability, and productivity while securing, stabilizing, and protecting the business against a cyber event.

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Do The Scorecard -

Develop risk management strategies

Managing the digital/cyber risk to your organisation is no longer an ICT issue. It is the role of the CISO to work out your business risks using information from all areas of the business,

From management and the board comes the risk appetite, from the workers comes risks inherent with their capability to do their job.

Develop security programs unique to the business.

From start-up to mature 10 year old organisation your business uniqueness has developed from people, places and time.

The policies, processes, procedures, plans and standards should be developed from the culture inherent in the business

Identify, manage, control and report cyber events.

To get on top of a cyber event you have to be able to identify, control, manage, respond and report the event.

All of that capability needs to be in place prior to the event

Manage and train the staff in security requirements.

Education, training and security skills are essential to staff within the business.

Developing those skill are part of the role of the vCISO

Create, monitor and implement preventative measures.

Businesses need to know when something is happening. To do that your business needs additional components.

Intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and system information and event management systems indicate issues

Talk to everyone to get the security message out.

One of the primary roles of the CISO is communication. They have to have the ability to communicate at all levels within the business.

From cleaners to board members communication is vital in making change.